Every package has 150 gr mix of 9 different ingredients such as Bitter Vetch, Mate, Green tea, Rooibos, Mango flakes, Strawberry flakes, Pu-er, Goji berry and Hibiscus.

The taste is like a black tea with sweet and minty aftertaste.

If you wish you could always add honey and/or lemon, which are not going to affect on the Viva tea benefits.

The price for 150 grams is 15 Euro .

Your order will be processed and delivered within 5 working days.

The expiry date can be found at the back of every package.

If you wish to keep it fresh for longer, please keep it in a dry and cool place.

According to the manufacturer, there should be no trace of nuts.

Viva tea does contain caffeine, since one of the ingredients is Green tea. You should not drink it if you are sensitive to caffeine. Overall it should not affect your night sleep.


Viva Tea is know for its function to clean your body, this is why it could be taken my men and women or anyone above 16 years old.

You can put 3-4 grams ( 1 tea spoon) into a 500 ml boiling water. If the tea is too strong for you, reduce the portion.

You can find more information at the back of the packaging

Doing sports is always good for you. You could even help your body to loose weight even faster.

So the answer to that is “YES”. You could also eat as before, however we recommend to all of our clients to eat healthy food and reduce on calories for their own good. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always great for you body.

We recommend to consult you doctor if you haven’t used these tea ingredients before. The list with the ingredients you could find on our web page

We recommend you not to combine Viva Tea with other slimming teas, because you might overdose with some of the ingredients. If you have other questions you should ask your doctor first. The list with ingredients could be found on our webpage or at the back of the packaging.

We could not answer to that question. The best possible decision would be to ask your doctor and discuss ingredients with him. Our team wants you to have a good healthy baby, so slimming tea could not be the best decision. We recommend you to eat healthy and drink more water while you are pregnant.

We do not recommend the use of alcohol, because it is full of toxins that you are trying to get away. Calories also should be taken into consideration. Every glass of alcohol contains lots of them.

If you like it more that way - feel free to do it.

Add some ice, lemon and honey and you are good to go

The length depends mainly on how are you feeling. If your body reacts well to it, you could drink it continuously.

For Security measures, Viva Tea can be returned only if the packaging has not been opened, used, ripped or damaged in any way. Can be returned to the address that we will provide to you. We are not responsible if you provide an incorrect address where the tea has been delivered.

You can contact us by e-mail or